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terrace houses

Terrace Houses

At the time o the Roman Empire, Ephesus was one of the most densely populated cities in Asia Minor with probably more than two hundred thousand residents. The privileged and ... Read more Terrace Houses
house of the Virgin Mary

House of the Virgin Mary

From the Magnesia Gate the road climbs to the south, arriving after 8 kilometers at the House of the Virgin Mary. Believed to be where the mother of Jesus spent ... Read more House of the Virgin Mary
isis temple ephesus

Temple of the State Agora (Isis Temple)

On the west side of the State Agora there once stood a temple, which is thought probably to have been built in 29 BC. Initial suggestions were that the temple ... Read more Temple of the State Agora (Isis Temple)
Ephesus odeon

The Odeon

The Odeon is striking building the northern part of the State Agora, not far from the southeast visitors entrance.  Known to have had seating capacity of 1400, the roofed building ... Read more The Odeon
Ephesus temenos


In the western section of the Bouleuterion there is an open-air courtyard known as the ‘Rhodian Peristyle’. Measuring 33 x 28 meters, the courtyard is bordered on three sides by ... Read more Temenos
prytaneion Ephesus


Built during the time of Lysimachos, the Prytaneion is located to the west of the Odeion. The ruins surviving today date from the Augustan period (27 BC – 14). After ... Read more Prytaneion

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