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The Odeon

The Odeon

The Odeon is striking building the northern part of the State Agora, not far from the southeast visitors entrance.

Known to have had seating capacity of 1400, the roofed building served a rather different function from that of large theatre. It was built in 150 AD by Publius Vedius Antoninus of the prestigious Vedius family as an Odeion (concert hall) or Bouleuterion (assembly chamber). Portraits of the imperial family and missives from Emperor Antoninus Pius have been found in the scene.

By virtue of its single-pitch timber roof, the building was able to hold meetings and concerts all through the year, regardless of the weather. The bottom five tiers of the caves survive in their original form, while the lion’s paw motifs on the staircases are particularly are particularly eye-catching. A head of Eros unearthed in excavations is on display at the Ephesus Museum.

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