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Arcadian (Harbour Way)

Arcadian (Harbour Way)

The road connecting the Harbour of Ephesus to the city was built during the time of Lysimachus and widened in later periods.

After sustaining damage during an earthquake in the mid-fouth century AD, the avenue was restored by Emperor Arcadius (395-608) and came to be known accordingly as the 'Arcadiane'. Measuring 500 meters long and 11 meters wide, the Harbour Way was lined on either side with covered porticos. The colonnaded porches were designed to protect Ephesains from the heat and rain; there were also rows of shops to the rear.

During the reign of Justinain (527-565 AD), a 'Monument of Four Colunms' which in turn rested on a large pedestal some 2 meters in height. An iscription dated to the sixth century AD tells us that the Arcadiane used to be lit up at night by rows of torches ranged along the colonnades.

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