What to See?

The House of the Virgin Mary image

The House of the Virgin Mary

From the Magnesia Gate the road climbs to the south, arriving after 8 kilomet...

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The Odeon image

The Odeon

The Odeon is striking building the northern part of the State Agora, not far ...

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Temenos image


In the western section of the Bouleuterion there is an open-air courtyard kno...

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Prytaneion image


Built during the time of Lysimachos, the Prytaneion is located to the west of...

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Temple of the State Agora (Isis Temple) image

Temple of the State Agora (Isis Temple)

On the west side of the State Agora there once stood a temple, which is thoug...

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The Library of Celsus image

The Library of Celsus

Library of Celsus stands on small square at the intersection of the Marble Wa...

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The Monument of Memmius image

The Monument of Memmius

The gentle street between the Odeon and the State Agora leads down to the Squ...

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Great Theatre image

Great Theatre

The Great Theatre of Ephesus is set into the western slope of Mt Panayır over...

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Temple of Artemis (Artemision) image

Temple of Artemis (Artemision)

 The sixth century BC market a golden age for Ionia. It was an age where many...

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The Temple of Domitian image

The Temple of Domitian

The road heading south from the Monument of Memmius comes out at the Temple o...

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The Terrace Houses image

The Terrace Houses

At the time o the Roman Empire, Ephesus was one of the most densely populated...

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Arcadiane (Harbour Way) image

Arcadiane (Harbour Way)

The road connecting the Harbour of Ephesus to the city was built during the t...

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Street of The Curetes image

Street of The Curetes

The broad marble-paved road leading down a gentle slope from the Monument of ...

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Commercial Agora image

Commercial Agora

 The Tetragonos Agora lies in the western part of the Matble Way, the avenue ...

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