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Where is Ephesus? How to get there?

Where is Ephesus? How to get there?

Ephesus is arguably the most famous and important ancient city of the world. But do you really know where Ephesus is? Do you know which country is Ephesus located?

Where is Ephesus?

Today, the Ancient City of Ephesus, which was one of the twelve Ionian cities of the Ancient Greek and then one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire, is located on the western coast of Turkey and it continues to welcome millions of visitors from all over the world, each year.

How to get there?

Ephesus is located in 30 km southwest of the Izmir Province, the third biggest city of Turkey and 15 km outside of Kusadasi, one of the most important tourist destinations of Turkey and the mediterranean region. Thanks to its location, there are many alternatives to reach to these amazing ancient ruins.

From Kusadasi Port and Hotels:

The vast majority of Ephesus' visitors come from Kusadasi port and hotels. You can take a taxi from the city center, which may cost up to €90. You can check our private tour options from Kusadasi port and hotels here.

From the Izmir Airport:

It takes a 30-min drive to reach Ephesus from the Izmir airport. Please check our private Ephesus tour from the Izmir airport, which includes the airport transfer.

From the Izmir City Center:

It takes a 1h drive to reach Ephesus from the Izmir centrum. You can take a bus from the Izmir central bus terminal to Selçuk and there are many options for car rentals.

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