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Cats of Ephesus

Cats of Ephesus

The Ancient City of Ephesus hosted many different civilizations throughout its history. However its most recent inhabitants have probably been ignored by most of the history books and they are quite famous for hating being ignored.

Yes, you’re right, cats.

It would be unfair to call them “stray cats”, since Ephesus is -quite literally- their home and they have become the true guardians of the ancient city and its heritages. Today, it is possible to see them sleeping or sunbathing -in other words, just being cats-, and even accompanying visitors during their tour.

Who knows, maybe they’re the souls of the residents of the Ancient Ephesus. It does not sound that much of a nonsense when you consider the fact that the Romans have always been portrayed as cocky guys, right? Or does it? Yep, it probably does.

Check out this book!

'Cats of Ephesos' by Sabine Lädstatter

In this book, Sabine Ladstätter, who leads the Ephesos excavations, and award-winning photographer Lois Lammerhuber present the world of antiquity from a very special angle. Cats are to be found almost anywhere around the ancient city.

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