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The Monument of Memmius

The gentle street between the Odeon and the State Agora leads down to the Square of Domitian at the top of the north side of this small square is the Monument of Gaius Memmşus, a structure with the appearance of a triumphal tetraphylon. According ha  to an inscription on the monument , it was built during latter stages of the Hellenistic Period to honor of Gaius Memmius, a grandson of the Roman general and dictator, Sulla. When the Ephesian yielded to the policy of provocation adopted by Mithridates, the expansionist king of Pontus, and flouted the authority of Rome, the Roman army moved in to quash the rebellion and penalized the city with heavy taxes. Bearing in mind the historical context, the monument must have been built as a tribute to the suppression of the revolt for it for it stood as a symbolic reminder of Rome’s authority in Ephesus. The upper levels of the monument  probably took the form a tower crowned by a conical roof. The structure had for facades: its pedestal featured a series of niches which were connected by overhead arches and decorated with block reliefs. The reliefs included depictions of the virtues of the honored figure.