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Temple of the State Agora (Isis Temple) image

Temple of the State Agora (Isis Temple)

On the west side of the State Agora there once stood a temple, which is thought probably to have been built in 29 BC. Initial suggestions were that the temple was erected by Marc Antony and Cleopatra to the Egyptian deity, Isis, or the god, Dionysus; opinion later shifted and it was held that the ruins belonged to a temple dedicated to Augustus. In the most recent research, however, the temple has been identified as a shrine to the divine Caesar and the Dea Roma, built by the Conventus Civium Romanorum (association of Roman Citizens). The temple measured 28 x 15 meters and its facades were lined with 6 x 19 columns. Constructed on a peripteral plan, the temple was destroyed in Late Antiquity. Its architectural elements were later used in the restoration of other buildings around the city.