On the Trail of the Biblical Ephesus

from kusadasi



Explore the Biblical Ephesus!

This is a very special private tour which is designed for you to explore the Biblical Ephesus.
The Ancient Ephesus and its surrounding region have a really long history, dating back to the 6000s BC. Therefore, it witnessed a lot of totally different periods throughout its history. And despite of being one of the most important regions of the Roman Empire, with the emergence of the Christianity and especially with the visits of St.Paul (“while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul took the road through the interior and arrived at Ephesus “ Acts 19:1), and residence of Virgin Mary and St. John, it became a very important place for the Christianity as well. 

And the main purpose of the Biblical Ephesus tour is to focus particularly to this period -without ignoring ancient history of the region-, for those guests who are interested in exploring the religious and spiritual importance of the region. Accordingly to this idea, we have knowledgeable guides, for this tour, who have particularly mastered this period of the history. 

Your guide will meet you at the gate of the port and will be holding a nameplate with your name on it.

After a short drive in your private A/C minivan you’ll reach the amazing Ephesus. 

You’ll have the opportunity to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

View from the Temple of Artemis

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At the end of the tour your guide will bring you to the Kusadasi port. We guarantee your on-time arrival to your ship.

Private Transport

Private Pick-up & Drop-off with A/C Vehicle

Local Tour Guide

Licensed Tour Guide

Parking fees & Taxes

€69 per person

  • Arrival-On-Time Guarantee.
  • Children 0-6 ages are free
  • Approximate time to reach to Ephesus is 20 minutes.
  • Contact us for your bigger-group requests.
  • You can skip any of the sites upon request.

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